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Obsolescence is among the very vexing issues in technology: You save up to buy the latest item of hardware just to get it eclipsed by a newer, glossier version just a couple of months after. What will happen if our electronic equipment were constructed to evolve?
That is the thinking behind Boom Boom, a software-upgradable loudspeaker developed by Binauric. Binauric has issued a program that rolls out upgrades to the loudspeaker although there are not many uses for those added elements now. This should be reviewed by bestheadphonesbest.com as one good technology to put into headphones.
“We do not need to construct attributes without the co-operation of our users,” says Binauric cofounder Detlef Wiese. “We need to see which kind of input signal they give us.” For its first important program upgrade, the team released a function empowering audio recordings that were spatially precise.


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