Halloween Zombie Decorations

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Halloween Zombie Decorations

Posted by Brissett Amabella on Monday, 14 October, 2019 09:19:43

We carry a large assortment of spooky Halloween decorations, including props, ornaments, and lighting to help craft the perfect experience for your spooky get together. From the grotesque to the delightfully cute, there's a decoration that's perfect for any Halloween experience.

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Aside from scary Halloween decorations, we also carry tons of stylish fall decorations including pumpkin décor, fall flags, fall wreaths, garland, table decorations and more. Our Halloween pumpkins are perfect for inside, on a mantel, or even outside on the porch.

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These soulless beings have no brain, but they definitely want yours! Zombie decorations, Skeleton Zombie, Zombie Fountain and Zombie Chaser! Zombies are one of the few Halloween monsters that can't trace its legacy back to Europe somewhere. The legend of zombies actually started in Haiti, where voodoo was practiced.

Using a clothing dye, color the Barbies clothes a brown muddy color. Spray the dolls with white and gray spray paint to give them their "dead" look. Use paint pens and paint to give the Barbies their freshly fed bloody mouths and dark eyes. When dry, redress your zombie Barbies and arrange them in your outdoor Halloween decoration ideas.