How To Decorate A Pumpkin For Halloween

10 DIY Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

How To Decorate A Pumpkin For Halloween

Posted by Breland Albertina on Saturday, 12 October, 2019 09:44:07

How to Decorate a Pumpkin Without Carving It - Making Cute Pumpkin Creatures Create a cat using black paint and construction paper. Turn a black pumpkin into a bat for a spooky twist. Create a witch pumpkin by painting it green and giving it a witch hat. Turn a white pumpkin into a ghost or

Pretend you're on a tropical vacay with this cute, fruity pumpkin. Don't forget the sunglasses! Here's a batty idea: After painting your pumpkin, tie a loose knot in the middle of a four-inch piece of black satin ribbon, then cut the ends to resemble wings. Attach to a color-blocked gourd with sewing pins.

Pumpkin Decorating. You can use an apple corer to create pretty pumpkin designs in a pinch, or add lace and metal to make a folk art pumpkin. Our fresh pumpkin decorating ideas will give you creative new ways to display Halloween pumpkins on your front porch. Adorn your pumpkins with buttons, rhinestones, dried fruit,

Pumpkin decorations don't have to be complicated to be lovely and sophisticated. This simple twine ball proves it. Make the Ball: Drill a hole at edge of a wooden round; insert stick. Attach a black wire hook; hang scissors. Wrap a small pumpkin with twine and place on round. (Alternatively, you can stick faux spiders on the twine "web.")

How-To: With the foam paintbrush, paint the pumpkin with chalk paint. Let dry and paint one more layer. Once the chalk paint is dry, use the bristle brush and paint the pumpkin with the Cactus color. Begin to hot glue the flowers on top of the pumpkin. Start with the leaves, and when the base is

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